About Me

My Name is Lisa Fluke and I am the owner of Forever Frozen By Fluke Photography. I am a photographer and an artist located in the heart of Welland Ontario. I have put over 20 years of learning into my photography journey. That's over half of my life. I am self-educated in the photography world with a natural ability to capture a moment to be kept frozen in time.

After my mother died of the dreaded "C" at the age of 60 and me recently undergoing spinal surgery, I decided it was time to take the leap. I decided life was too short and I didn't like the fact that all our memories were in digital form. When our children become parents and our grandchilren become adults, there will be no memories for them to see with the technology changing so fast. This made me realize it was time to move in the direction I have dreamed of all my life. Not only because life is too short and we should always follow our dreams, but to have a purpose for those dreams. My purpose is to help generations of families keep their memories alive.

I've had endless nights imagining what it would be like to be a known and trusted photographer/artist. I have worked hard to get to this point. Now I have arrived at the next stop of my journey. To this place called Forever Frozen By Fluke. My mission is to provide you with TOP QUALITY memoires with over 150 years of longevity. Also I will provide to you the best photography experience as well as life long quality work for you and your generations of family to share.

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